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About Us

    The Flathead Valley Chapter of SHRM is a local human resource organization working to “serve the professional and advance the profession.”

    As a professional association, the Flathead Valley Chapter serves multiple audiences and purposes including the following:

    • Provide a forum for the personal and professional development of its members
    • Provide and opportunity to develop leadership, managerial, public speaking and group decision-making skills
    • Provide an arena for the development of trust relationships where common problems can be discussed and deliberated
    • Provide an opportunity to focus on human resource management issues of importance to its members
    • Provide a focus for legislative attention to state and national human resource management issues
    • Provide a pool of human resource management leaders for perpetuation of the professional association
    • Provide a social setting for fun and networking
    • Serve as an entry point for the introduction of human resource professionals to SHRM
    • Serve as a source of new members of SHRM
    • Serve as a two-way channel of communication between SHRM and the individual member

    Since 2004 the Flathead Valley Chapter has successfully achieved the SUPERIOR MERIT AWARD from SHRM National. This award is based on points earned through meeting expectations as established in the Chapter Achievement Plan. This recognition is indicative of our operating in a professional manner; providing resources for its volunteer leaders; effectively managing our finances; sustaining communication with members, the community, and SHRM.