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    To post a job on the Flathead Valley SHRM website, please send the information below to Flathead Valley Chapter.

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    Career Opportunity listings are free and remain on the website for one month.




    HR Positions Available:

    Ascent Wealth Management PLLC is currently seeking a part-time customer service assistant to join our team.

    Ascent Wealth Management PLLC is currently looking for young motivated team
    players who are punctual and reliable, willing to learn, are dedicated to the goals
    of our company and can keep up with our fast paced environment. Ideal
    candidates possess a “can-do”, self-motivated attitude and will provide our
    customers with the highest level of serviceand professionalism.

    Interested applicants are required to forward their resume for review. Once application has been received, applicant can expect to receive communication from one of the hiring managers via email, phone, or text message. 

    Kindly indicate the name of your school and the position you are applying for to