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    Kalispell Chamber Thinking Thursday

    Date: May 20, 2021, 10:00am
    Kalispell Chamber of Commerce
    This free Zoom webinar will be from 10- 10:45am next Thursday, May 20th. Register online at:
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    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Suicide and the impacts of suicide on the lives of a business's employees can be substantial.  As many have heard, unfortunately, Montana leads the nation in the rate of suicides. Approximately 80% of all people who die by suicide are working age (18-65), making the workplace a valuable and potentially life-saving location to address suicide prevention.  As a business, what can you do? How can you help your employees and your workplace feel more confident and educated when handling these issues?

    In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Malia Freeman of the Flathead City-County Health Department will be leading this month’s Kalispell Chamber Thinking Thursday, highlighting topics such as:

    • Modeling and promoting a safe workplace
    • Staff training for suicide prevention
    • Local resources and prevention materials
    • National guidelines for workplace suicide prevention

    This free Zoom webinar will be from 10- 10:45 am next Thursday, May 20th.  Register online at: